Programs and Services

Chemical Dependency is Complex

Chemical Dependency is Complex

Outpatient Substance Abuse Counseling

Because chemical dependency is a complex disease, the Community Counseling Center offers a variety of treatment options. All aspects of healthy living are incorporated into an individual treatment plan, which is a comprehensive system of care coordination designed to give our clients the best available tools for recovery.


Our Programs include:

    • Care Coordination
      Family Counseling

      Family Counseling

    • Group Therapy
    • Drug Court Program
    • Intensive Outpatient
    • Employee Assistance Programs
    • Adolescent Recovery Programming
    • Family Counseling
    • Education
    • Community Outreach
    • Individual Counseling


Department of Transportation Assessments

Domestic Violence Program

    • Batterer’s Intervention Groups (26 and 52 Week Programs)


Detoxification Services

Civil Protective Custody (CPC)

Adolescent Recovery

Adolescent Recovery

Residential Services

Other Counseling Services Include:

    • Anger Management Groups
    • Court Assessments
    • Private Evaluations
    • Evaluation in Jail and the Juvenile Detention Center
    • Couples and Marriage Counseling




Programs Available in English and Spanish.