Community Counseling Center
Vision and Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Community Counseling Center to provide high quality outpatient care for low and no income community members suffering from emotional disturbances, family disruption, communication disorders, anger management issues, psychiatric problems, substance abuse and acute and chronic behavioral health issues. The end result is to facilitate wellness and recovery of the whole person including medication as needed. The Center strives to promote the health and welfare of the individual, family, and community through a comprehensive continuum of wellness services. The Carson City area, including Douglas, and Storey county, is the primary target of agency resources and programs.

Community Counseling Center’s programs represent a continuum of treatment services. Programs include: assessment, intensive outpatient, outpatient, individual counseling, family counseling, group counseling, co-occurring disorder groups, aftercare, continuing care, prescription services, psychiatric review and services with referral as necessary, counseling, therapy, trauma informed care, relapse prevention, skill building, and coping skills. These are all part of a cohesive map of services that enable Community Counseling Center to treat each client according to his/her individual needs.

Community Counseling Center’s services and programs are client driven and community oriented. The agency seeks to balance the needs of the client, referral sources, community entities, and the staff. The overall driving philosophy is to establish people and their various needs as the most important aspect of Community Counseling Centers’ mission. People come first. Agency employees and consultants treat clients and the public with respect and in a professional manner. This is the cornerstone for the quality of services provided.

The Center strives for cohesive teamwork. The organization’s employees and consultants are an empathetic team of service providers who are committed to working with a wide spectrum of people. Community Counseling Center strives to reach and provide relevant psychiatric, behavioral, and substance abuse services to a population that represents a panorama of differences and diversity.

Community Counseling Center believes that progressive diseases, if left untreated, can result in a worsening of condition and eventually death. Each prospective client deserves access to treatment and medication, if appropriate, and to be treated with best practices, respect and dignity.

Finally, Community Counseling Center’s Board of directors, management and staff maintain a visionary viewpoint that is responsive to changing needs of the community. CCC is committed to a planning process that keeps the agency up to date with and responsive to local, statewide and national needs and trends.