As a group, the CCBHC’s board members are representative of the individuals being served by the CCBHC in terms of demographic factors such as geographic area, race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, disability, age, and sexual orientation, and in terms of types of disorders. The CCBHC will incorporate meaningful participation by adult consumers with mental illness, adults recovering from substance use disorders, and family members of CCBHC consumers, either through 51 percent of the board being families, consumers or people in recovery from behavioral health conditions, or through a substantial portion of the governing board members meeting this criteria and other specifically described methods for consumers, people in recovery and family members to provide the CCBHC’s policies, processes, and services.

Members of the governing or advisory boards will be representative of the communities in which the CCBHC’s service area is located and will be selected for their expertise in health services, community affairs, local government, finance and banking, legal affairs, trade unions, faith communities, commercial and industrial concerns, or social service agencies within the communities served.